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You need to copy valuable data from a CD or DVD, then there are two main methods of doing it. You can choose either replication or duplication process to do so. When it comes to quality, both the CD DVD replication and duplication process can deliver the same. The line of demarcation lies on the quantity part. <br />
<br />
If your requirement is of more than 1000 copied units, then you should go for the CD/DVD replication process rather than duplication. But in case you have a low volume order of up to 1000 units, try DVD duplication services where the master disc provided by you would be duplicated directly onto a CD or a DVD. A duplicated CD/DVD is created by following a totally different process as compared to a replicated CD/DVD. <br />
<br />
<b>CD DVD Duplication Process<br />
The duplication process can be compared to burning a CD/DVD that we usually carry out on your home PC. When it comes to professional DVD duplication services, they have a duplicator with the help of which it extracts data from a master disc. The master disc is usually provided by the client and the content stored there is duplicated on new blank discs. <br />
<br />
The major difference between burning multiple discs by professionals and burning one at your home PC is that the duplicators used by the professionals are designed to burn 300 copies of CDs or DVDs at a time. This is something that is not possible at home. Moreover at the professional DVD duplication services providing company, there is also an option to customize the duplicated CDs or DVDs by selecting an artwork to be printed on the front face of the disks. And with a packaging option, your CDs and DVDs are complete to be marketed.<br />
<br />
<b>CD  zxcsky09545   DVD Replication Process <br />
Unlike the duplication process, a replicated CD/DVD is created during the manufacturing process. It means there is no resource for the replication work prior to its beginning. If the master disc is provided by the client, it is evaluated for data corruption and quality of content. Once the evaluation process is completed, a glass master containing relevant data from the master disc is created. <br />
<br />
Further, the glass master is re-checked for accuracy before transferring the data to be replicated to the glass master. This glass master is then used to create a metal stamper. The stamper is then loaded into an Injection Molding Machine that creates the CD/DVD replicates. The higher the quality of the glass master's data the higher is the quality of the DVD replication product. To ensure quality and accuracy a micro-thin layer of high-quality aluminum is applied to the polycarbonate disc and then it is lacquered for additional protection before printing on to the discs.<br />
<br />
<b>Noticeable differences between replication and duplication<br />
One major difference between replication and duplication process is that in duplication the data is burned onto a disc and in CD or DVD replication, the discs are manufactured from glass stampers. When it comes to the quality of the copied data, there is practically no difference between the replicated or duplicated CDs and DVDs. There can be some differences in reference to appearance depending on how the artwork is printed by using thermal-transfer, silk-screen or offset process.<br />
<br />
All these information would help you in determining whether replication or duplication process suits your project.
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Information Security Primer - Part 1_3746

Information Security Primer - Part 1 The Evolution of Technology and the Rise of Information Technology

In the early days of computing, securing information was relatively easy. Information was stored in a locked room, on a large mainframe computer, with a proprietary operating system, supporting tightly controlled remote access from known locations. Figure 1 depicts this type of environment.

The dumb terminals used to access applications and data on the mainframe were incapable of storing data locally; they had no disk drives. Viruses were unknown because information couldn't be loaded or downloaded to terminals, and the Internet wasn't a critical business network. Physical access to the mainframe was ,dell inspiron 9200 battery, necessary to load programs. Even then, the permissions necessary to load applications were very tightly controlled. In addition, technology that allowed the easy download and removal of information, such as thumb drives, didn't exist. Access to the information on mainframes was effectively controlled by a few User IDs, passwords, and locked doors.

The next major innovation in business processing was the personal computer (PC). The PC introduced new security concerns. First, much of an organization's processing was moved to the PC. Unlike dumb terminals, PCs had local processing capabilities and local storage devices. In addition, PCs provided opportunities for placing confidential information on removable storage, such as ,hp laptop batteries, a floppy disk, which could be easily moved to unauthorized locations. Second, organizations began to connect PCs together in LANs. This allowed the movement of information between PCs and a mainframe. See Figure 2. As more and more information moved about an organization, there were additional opportunities for it to be intercepted by unauthorized individuals.

Third, PCs introduced non-proprietary OS's, like MS-DOS. (Microsoft Disk Operating System). With the proliferation of these OS's came the birth of viruses. Early viruses were spread by floppy disk sharing or by moving files from one PC to another over the LAN. Finally, PCs were frequently equipped with modems. Connecting a simple telephone line to one of these ,hp pavilion dv7 battery, communication devices provided users with access to the outside world. Although the Internet didn't exist, threats to information security were still downloaded into business environments by unsuspecting business users.Like with the mainframe-only environment, security was primarily provided by User IDs, passwords, and locked doors. The mainframe remained the primary center for the processing and storage of critical business information.

Over time, the simple PC evolved into a PC server. The combination of the processing power of the PC server and the convenience and flexibility of desktop PCs led to less dependence on the more costly and proprietary mainframe. Dumb terminals were gradually replaced by PC's. Figure laptop53ds69 3 depicts a LAN centric network. The mainframe has become just another network attached device. The primary device used to access the mainframe has changed from the dumb terminal to the desktop PC. Modem pools were replaced by more flexible and secure remote access routers.As LAN's grew, so did the decentralization of an organization's information. No longer was information stored in a centralized mainframe. Much of the information necessary to operate the business was located on multiple servers or desktop PC storage.

One of the most significant developments, however, was the introduction of the Internet. This public, shared, global network was accessible from both controlled access points as well as uncontrolled ,hp pavilion dv2000 battery, access points, such as locally attached modems. Customers and vendors began insisting on business use of the Internet for email, file transfers, or simply providing general information about an organization. Along with vendors, customers, and employees, crackers also got busy transforming their viruses into worms and trojans that had the capability of moving effortlessly across the Internet's various nodes.Today, the mainframe is usually absent from an organization's network. Instead, large businesses deploy hundreds of servers to process and store data. Figure 4 is a logical view of a modern network.

In today's networks, organizations must protect information as it travels across various network devices and is ,hp pavilion dv9000 battery, stored on a variety of storage media. In addition, there are multiple connections to the outside world that are less safe than in the past. For example, most organizations have a high speed connection to the Internet. The Internet is like the Wild West; no one is in control and it's each person's responsibility to provide protection for himself. Many organizations have multiple locations, each with a LAN, storage, and outside connections. This significantly increases the risk to critical information. Although the move from isolated, centralized processing to distributed, connected networks has improved business agility and productivity, it has also introduced a host of security challenges. This resulted in the elevation of ,hp pavilion dv1000 battery, Information Security from simple account management to an integral part of business operations.


Figures (Hover for caption, click to enlarge)Key Terms

Mainframe -- A large, expensive, powerful computer. Early mainframe computers often filled an entire room. These systems became know as mainframes because the early models occupied a number of metal frames, the main one containing the processor and memory.


Proprietary Operating System -- An operating system (OS) is an application that manages the processing activities of a computer. Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Server 2003, and Linux are examples of operating systems. A proprietary operating system ,hp pavilion zv5000 battery, is written for a specific computer and cannot be run on any other system. For example, the IBM AS/400 ran an operating system called OS/400. OS/400, written and sold by IBM, could not be run on any other device but the AS/400. Compare this to a non-proprietary OS like Windows XP that can be run on many different platforms from a variety of vendors.

Dumb Terminal - A device consisting of a screen and keyboard, used for communicating with another computer, usually a mainframe. Unlike a personal computer it has no local processing capabilities or disk storage.

Thumb Drive -- A thumb drive is a small, compact, rewritable storage device that interfaces with a computer through ,dell laptop batteries, high speed interfaces, like a USB port.

Modem Pool - A modem pool is a group of modems that answer calls placed to a single phone number. Users can also use the modem pool to dial out to remote locations. Modem pools, or other types of dial-up devices, were popular for remote terminal and personal computer access to centralized business systems prior to the introduction of Internet-based technologies.

Gateway Server - At the most fundamental level, mainframes and PC's use different coding standards to process information and different protocols for communication. The gateway server acts like an interpreter, helping the PC's and the mainframe understand each other

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Hoyle Casino 2010 Review- Bring the Casino to Your Mac_1839

Hoyle Casino 2010 Review: Bring the Casino to Your Mac Gambling According to Hoyle

Since 2000, Hoyle-themed games have been developed by Encore for both Mac and Windows systems. Traditionally, these games have offered some of the most in-depth gambling experiences outside of going to a real casino. An expertly recreated atmosphere combined with a large plethora of games have meant that almost anyone can enjoy a Vegas experience without the expense or hassle of the real thing. The latest iteration of Hoyle Casino tries to improve upon its predecessors in a bold quest to provide the best virtual gambling experience, and while it may not have all the lights and glamor of Vegas, it does do a relatively good job of providing a solid rendition of many of our favorite games.

This review is ,dell inspiron 9200 battery, divided into three sections: game selection, graphics, and miscellaneous. In the game selection section, we'll explore some of the games offered and how they compare relative to the competition. We'll then turn to an analysis of the graphics and finally review any other miscellaneous factors that influence the review.

Game Selection

Encore has done quite well at ensuring that virtually any game one could find in Vegas is included in Hoyle Casino 2010. From blackjack to craps to baccarat, each game has been faithfully recreated with all the rules matching identical to that of a real casino. While the vast majority of games have been designed quite well, we'll examine three types of games: 2D table, 3D table, and slots.

2D Table Games

2D table games, such as craps, provide a ,hp laptop batteries, mediocre experience when compared to the amount of detail that Encore definitely put on creating the 3D games. For example, the graphics in the craps game are clearly too narrow and the betting system is highly awkward. You can place a bet anywhere on the table, so if you bet on the pass line, you're not restricted to placing your bet straight in front of you. Instead, you can place your bet in front of a computer player or anywhere else you'd like. Unfortunately, the computer players love to place their bets anywhere on the table, as you can see from the image to the right (if you look closely there are two bets to the left of mine). This naturally leads to many "is that my bet?" scenarios where you'll have to hover over people's bets to see which ones are the computer's and which are your's. ,hp pavilion dv7 battery, Roulette is a semi-3D game (the table is portrayed to be 3D, but the perspective fixation makes it look very 2D) and it suffers from many of the same problems. It's clear that Encore didn't put much thought into making the bigger table games as pleasant as the 3D ones.

3D Table Games

While the 2D games aren't particularly good, the 3D ones are absolutely astounding. Everything about these games feels completely realistic, from the way the cards are dealt to the rules themselves, Encore has created an experience that is unrivaled by all other casino games. With the player chatter turned on, there are many times when it feels very much like I'm sitting at a real blackjack table. All the players place their bets and then the dealer is actually animated to be dealing the cards, as can be seen laptop53ds69 by the image on the left. To provide a good example of the attention paid to the 3D games, consider the betting limit sign. In previous versions of the game, you'd select a table limit that you wanted - be it $5, $10, etc. However, in this version of Hoyle Casino, you can simply click on the sign to adjust the betting limits which are then displayed as they'd be in a real casino. This is a little detail, but its certainly one that adds to the realism.


I've always been a little disappointed that Hoyle could never get licenses from the different slot companies to offer more faithful recreations of some of our casino favorites (Double Diamond, anyone?). Hoyle Casino 2010 is no exception to this. Still, it's clear that the developers have put a lot of time and effort into making the ,hp pavilion dv2000 battery, ficitious slots look and play their best. They're rendered in 3D, and there are an incredibly high variety to choose from, including standard 3-reel, 3-reel with 5 paylines, the more wacky game slots, and so on. Virtually any kind of slot, video poker, or video blackjack has been included in this version of the game.

For those who haven't played Hoyle Casino before, it's also worth mentioning that the slot machines do not have adjustable payouts. So, much like a real casino, when you go to a slot you don't know what its payout percentage will be. The help manual in Hoyle gives payout ranges as high as 97% and as low as 85%, so I suspect the computer just randomly chooses a percentage between these two.

All in all, the selection of games is quite high. Although some games aren't designed ,hp pavilion dv9000 battery, perfectly, it becomes very clear, very quickly that there's something that everyone will like in Hoyle Casino. Given the scarcity of gambling games on the market, I'm inclined to say that the positives vastly outweigh the negatives here and give this section a four out of five.


The graphics in Hoyle Casino 2010 are absolutely astounding when compared to other casino games. Blackjack, baccarat, etc. have all been rendered in very impressive 3D that accurately models the real games. Instead of a fixed top-down perspective, you're looking at the tables as if you really were playing the game. Although the models used certainly aren't Halo 3 quality, they certainly suffice for this type of game. You can see the blackjack dealer dealing the cards, the chips look fine, and the ,hp pavilion dv1000 battery, table/surroundings very closely mimic that of a real casino. Many times, you'll appreciate the added touches of realism (such as the limit signs discussed in the previous paragraphs) and find it easy to forget that this is just a video game.

A perfect example of the graphics is what the developers have done with the horse racing game. Users of old Hoyle versions will remember the cheesy looking stick horses going around a track. However, the horse racing in the 2010 version is actually not too bad as one can watch the horses run properly. In addition, the developers have taken the time to develop a nice lounge so that you're "watching" the race on your own TV screen. While some of you might be looking at the screenshot on the left and thinking "that's special?", I think much of my ,hp pavilion zv5000 battery, appreciation for the graphics has not to do with their high quality, but more with their inclusion in the game. A nicely rendered horse racing lounge mimics the feel of betting on horses at a real casino.

Miscellaneous and Conclusion

Here's the part where I kind of tweak the review to give it a feeling more comensurate with the total experience. For starters, as I've stated above, the game itself has a lot of positives with its awesome 3D atmosphere and it also improves on a few things that users of older Hoyle versions will greatly appreciate. However, the question is, do these improvements actually justify a purchase? Remember, these games are the same as before - I mean blackjack is blackjack whether or not it's played with fancy graphics. In addition, Hoyle says that they've just added ,dell laptop batteries, five new games this year, which might make some question the upgrade as well.

It's for this reason that I've made my miscellaneous section a 3 out of 5. That brings the total score to 11/15 or 73% which I feel is a much more accurate score for this game. Sure there are some improvements, but its hard to argue that they're so important that an upgrade is necessary.

As for what you should do, well, I'd definitely say that it highly depends on what version you're using now. If you're on an older 2D version and enjoy the wide variety of games that Hoyle provides, then my advice would be to take the $20 plunge and get 2010. However, if you're on another 3D version and are enjoying it, my advice would be to hold off, because there's really not much new to see here.

Final Score: 

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How to Recover Files Saved to Temporary OLK Folder_3813

How to Recover Files Saved to Temporary OLK Folder Understanding the OLK Folder

Outlook opens all attachments in a secure temporary folder called "OLK". The exact name of the OLK folder varies by computer - it is typically "OLK" followed by a number. Outlook opens email attachments in the OLK folder in order to isolate the attachment in case the attachment contains a virus. So ,dell inspiron 9200 battery, the OLK folder does serve an important purpose, but if you work on a document and save it without choosing a different location, you could lose all the edits that you made to the document.

IMPORTANT! The first thing you want to make sure to do as soon as you realize that you have accidentally saved your document to the OLK folder is to not close or open any applications, do not re-open the email ,hp laptop batteries, attachment, and do not shut down or restart your computer. Doing any of these things could result in the loss of your document, since typically Outlook will clear the OLK folder if any of these events occur.

How to Locate the OLK Folder

The OLK folder is located in Temporary Internet Files, but it cannot be accessed via Windows Explorer or even through a search. You have to know the exact path to ,hp pavilion dv7 battery, your OLK folder in order to open it. Here is how you find the location of your OLK folder.

    Go to Start and select Run. Type regedit in the Open box.



When the Registry Editor opens, press CTRL+F to open the Find dialog so that you can quickly find the OLK folder. Type outlooksecuretempfolder in the Find What box and click on the Find button.


This should laptop53ds69 bring you back to the Registry Editor with the correct file highlighted.


How to Open the OLK Folder

You have now found the path of the OLK folder, but how do you open it? Leave the Registry Editor open, and go back to the Start menu and choose Run. You now need to type in the whole path to the OLK folder that you found in the Registry Editor. Type that path in and click OK.

,hp pavilion dv2000 battery,


You have now opened Outlook's OLK temporary folder. If you haven't closed and re-opened Outlook, your document should be in the OLK folder. What you need to do now is to click on the document and drag it out to your Desktop. You have now recovered your document.

If you do not see your document in the OLK folder, or the document that is there does not contain your edits, than ,hp pavilion dv9000 battery, that means your document is gone. Different computers will behave differently when it comes to the OLK folder, but typically, when you re-open Outlook, the OLK folder is cleared out and the documents are not recoverable.


Outlook Express or Windows Mail

Outlook Express or Windows Mail (Vista) are a little different. They do both store documents in a hidden folder under ,hp pavilion dv1000 battery, Temporary Internet Files, but the path is slightly different. Try this path for recovering documents saved in the Outlook Express or Windows Mail temporary folder. You will need to put in the correct user name in the path.

C:Documents and Settings[User Name]Local SettingsTemporary Internet FilesContent.IE5

In Vista, just enter the above path into the Search field when you ,hp pavilion zv5000 battery, click the Microsoft Vista logo in the bottom left corner of the Desktop window.


Prevent Documents from Saving Into the OLK Folder

The best practice for dealing with Outlook's OLK temporary folder is to prevent documents from saving in that location in the first place. Now there is nothing you can do so stop Outlook from opening email attachments in the OLK folder if you ,dell laptop batteries, open the attachment directly from the email. So what you need to get into the habit of doing is right-clicking on the email attachment, choosing Save As, and saving it to your desktop or some other location. Then open the document from that location to make your edits. If you get into the habit of saving your email attachments right from the beginning, you will never have to worry about this problem agai

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HPVoodooEnvy15 (all blacokay relaxationricted variant) arduous drive get pleapdiscomforttingsicular fromcapin a placectionality three2zeroGB, arduous drive pace 5,four hundpurple rpm arduous drive cache eightM, arduous for SerialATA serial port become a laptop batteries member ofor, decide uponical drive assists DVD burners, CD drive pace eight/four x5x6xeightx1zerox2four X, CD-ROM assist LightScribeSuperMultieightXDVD+/-RW, decide uponical drive in-assembleed. HPVoodooEnvy15 (all blacokay relaxationricted variant) is a cheap laptop batteries mildweight -weight transferbe taughty be consciousboookay , CPU okay ind is IntelCorei7, the mannequin of sokay sick ed cessor Intel Core i7seventy twozeroQM,CPU frequency 1.6GHz, sixty oneforty fourKB the second-stage cache, entrance facet bus frequency fdyttyfdxcfgh 2eightyzeroMHz, seasonedfessionalfessionalfessional cessor core Nehalem be consciousboookay Centrino know-how just is not assisted, the msolely diffeleaseboard chi tright herepset IntelPMforty five+ICH9M, frequentplace reminiscence fortyniweby sixMB, DDRthree1zerosixty computer batteries six reminiscence okay ind, the utmost assisted reminiscence fortyniweby sixMB, solely diffelease options , the digicam. HPVoodooEnvy15 (all blacokay relaxationricted variant) HPVoodooEnvy15 (all blacokay relaxationricted variant) display dell latitude d510 battery meapdiscomforttingsicularmalest is 15.6 inch extensivedisplay display okay ind TFTLED, Max rereply 12eightyxeightyzerodpi. HPVoodooEnvy15 (all blacokay relaxationricted variant) transferbe taughty curlease chi tright herep as a sepaexpense ATIMobilityRadverteonHDfour eighty dell Inspiron 6400 battery threezero,1zero2four MB of reminiscence, reminiscence bandwidth 2fifty sixbit, frequency fifty fivezero/eightyzeroMHz,DirectX mannequin 1zero.1ShadverterModelfour .1, assists HD audio system assembleed-in stereo sound-impression chi tright hereps, speaokay ers dell xps m1330 battery for inaspect two-channel stereo speaokay ers. HPVoodooEnvy15 (all blacokay relaxationricted variant) eighty2.elevena/g/n wi-fi, net worokay become a member ofion for 1zero/a hundpurpleM Ethernet automotived, fifty sixKV.niweby two modem. HPVoodooEnvy15 (all dell inspiron 6000 battery blacokay relaxationricted variant) implys taokay ing contactpadvert machine as a fundaguystal, multi in a single automotived be taughter, digicam: evening imaginative and prescient infrapurple LED,1 + VGA ports, HDMI extreme definition multimedia interface, dell latitude d505 battery I/O interfaces, esdespatchediality interfaces, net worokay interfaces, headvertcellsensibleteletelephone output, microcellsensibleteletelephone enter interfaces. Expansion interface 1 ExpressCard, extconclude ing the persortance medium. dell xps m1210 battery HPVoodooEnvy15 (all blacokay relaxationricted variant) shell supplies, lookay is blacokay , outin good formness y ted with 6-cell lithi tright hereum-ion battery can worokay four hours, Windows7HomePremiumsixty four-bit working system preput in . Author commalest: dell Inspiron 1520 battery HPVoodooEnvy15 (all blacokay relaxationricted variant) is a 15.6-inch meapdiscomforttingsicularmalest solely , using the Intel Core Duo i7seventy twozeroQM seasonedfessionalfessionalfessional cessor, solely diffelease configurations are very esdespatchedialityf
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HPVoodooEnvy15 (all blacokay relaxationricted variant) monitor meachosenmalest is 15.6 inch significantmonitor monitor okay ind TFTLED, Max rerereply 12eightyxeightyzerodpi. Other configurations are advertditionally very very esdespatchedialityful. laptop batteries HPVoodooEnvy15 (all blacokay relaxationricted variant) is a mildweight -weight transferresearchy be consciousboookay , CPU okay ind is IntelCorei7, the mannequin of sokay unseasonedperlyed cessor Intel Core i7seventy twozeroQM,CPU frequency 1.6GHz, sixty oneforty cheap laptop batteries fourKB the second-stage cache, entrance psorenesstingsworkwork bus frequency 2eightyzeroMHz, seasonedfessional cessor core Nehalem be consciousboookay Centrino know-how just is not aided, the malestirely diffeleaseboard cwhats uppset IntelPMforty five+ICH9M, fdyttyfdxcfgh custom-madeisedary reminiscence fortyniweby sixMB, DDRthree1zerosixty six reminiscence okay ind , the utmost aided reminiscence fortyniweby sixMB, completely diffelease options , the digicam. HPVoodooEnvy15 (all blacokay relaxationricted variant) HPVoodooEnvy15 computer batteries (all blacokay relaxationricted variant) arduous drive get pleachosen fromcapin a placectionality three2zeroGB, arduous drive velocity 5,four hundcrimson rpm arduous drive cache eightM, arduous for SerialATA serial port become a member ofor, settle uponical dell latitude d510 battery drive aids DVD burners, CD drive velocity eight/four x5x6xeightx1zerox2four X, CD-ROM aid LightScribeSuperMultieightXDVD+/-RW, settle uponical drive in-assembleed. HPVoodooEnvy15 (all blacokay relaxationricted variant) transferresearchy curlease cwhats upp as dell Inspiron 6400 battery a sepafee ATIMobilityRadverteonHDfour eighty threezero,1zero2four MB of reminiscence, reminiscence bandwidth 2fifty sixbit, frequency fifty fivezero/eightyzeroMHz,DirectX mannequin 1zero.1ShadverterModelfour .1, aids HD audio system assembleed-in stereo dell xps m1330 battery sound-impression cwhats upps, speaokay ers for infacet two-channel stereo speaokay ers. HPVoodooEnvy15 (all blacokay relaxationricted variant) eighty2.elevena/g/n wi-fi, net worokay become a member ofion for 1zero/a hundcrimsonM Ethernet automotived, fifty dell inspiron 6000 battery sixKV.niweby two modem. HPVoodooEnvy15 (all blacokay relaxationricted variant) implys taokay ing contactpadvert machine as a steady, multi in a single automotived researcher, digicam: evening time imaginative and prescient infracrimson LED,1 + VGA ports, HDMI extreme dell latitude d505 battery definition multimedia interface, I/O interfaces, very esdespatchediality interfaces, net worokay interfaces, headvertteleclevercelltelephone output, microteleclevercelltelephone enter interfaces. Expansion interface 1 ExpressCard, extconclude ing dell xps m1210 battery the pertrend ance medium. HPVoodooEnvy15 (all blacokay relaxationricted variant) shell supplies, lookay is blacokay , outadded goodbeingyness y ted with 6-cell litwhats upum-ion battery can worokay four hours, Windows7HomePremiumsixty four-bit working dell Inspiron 1520 battery system preput in . Author commalest: HPVoodooEnvy15 (all blacokay relaxationricted variant) is a 15.6-inch meachosenmalest solely , using the Intel Core Duo i7seventy twozeroQM seasonedfessional cessor, completely diffelease configurations are very very esdespatched
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